Dr Sanket Mehta


Dr. Sanket Mehta is currently affiliated with Saifee Hospital and Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital, Mumbai.

He has also trained in the treatment of advanced and metastatic malignancies of colorectal, ovarian and peritoneal origin and in hepato-pancreato- biliary surgery in Val d’ Aurelle institute, France and in Medstar Washington Memorial Hospital, Washington DC.He is the Chief of Division of Peritoneal Surface Oncology at Saifee Hospital which was the first dedicated Peritoneal surface malignancy unit established in country.

He has started the first HIPEC clinic, a Centre dedicated for treatment and care of patients undergoing CRS & HIPEC. It has a team of professionals providing excellent services including pre and post HIPEC counseling, stoma care therapists , dietary and nutritional guidance for patients undergoing major cancer surgery.


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